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Two Months


Objective: Create a product that aids in Bird Dog Training

What is Upland Hunting?

Hunting upland birds like Quail, Pheasant, Grouse, Woodcock, Prairie Chicken, etc. These birds are normally found in heavy ground cover, hunters normally use dogs to locate and retrieve game. 

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According to a survey conducted by Project Upland…

39% of readers said their Dog was their top motivation for Hunting.



75% of readers said their Dog was a critical reason that they became Hunters.



28% of readers got the Bird Dog first before they became upland hunters.

Photo from Project Upland Magazine


Why focus on Dogs?


Individuals find it hard to train their own dogs due to a lack of discipline when training on the trainers part, as well as a difficulty retraining behaviors that weren’t taught correctly the first time, and a lack of resources to train their dog.


The main issues with Bird Dog training actually aren’t with the dog, they’re with the trainer.

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How Might We...

make training a Upland Bird Dog easier for an individual.


Design Ideation Sketches

I explored a variety of different concepts to solve the main three problems, lack of a training routine/structure, training correctly the first time, and a lack of resources.

Up Pup_Updated_032421_7.jpg
Up Pup_Updated_032421_72.jpg
Up Pup_Updated_032421_73.jpg

Final Concept and Refinement

I decided to move forward with a subscription box storage platform hybrid concept. For the next phase, I wanted to focus on the storage platform design and functionality.

Up Pup_Updated_032421_10.jpg
Up Pup_Updated_032421_102.jpg
Up Pup11.jpg


UPPUP is a subscription based Bird Dog Training Resource which includes monthly training materials, built in storage, and an app.

Up Pup_Updated_032421_1.jpg

How Does It Work?

Up Pup14.jpg
Up Pup15.jpg
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Up Pup17.jpg
Up Pup18.jpg

Final Storage Platform 

Up Pup19.jpg
Up Pup20.jpg
Up Pup 21.jpg
Up Pup22.jpg
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