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Plant and Sons

Three Months


Objective: Create a fictitious company and create a footwear concept for their employees.

“Plant and Sons” is an arborist company owned by Robert Plant and his sons. 

An arborist, also known as a tree surgeon, is a specialist in the cultivation and care of trees and shrubs, including tree surgery, the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of tree diseases, and the control of pests.


Plant and Sons

How Might We...

Design a shoe or boot that can assist with an arborists daily work and the Plant and Sons company. 


Footwear Inspiration

For my Boot, I wanted to create a chainsaw protectant climbing boot. These boots come in 2 versions. The taller boots are spurred for climbing and the shorter boot is for free form climbing.

Plant and Sons_Updated 1.jpg

Initial Concepts

I began by creating Spurred (Tall) and Non-Spurred (Short) Shoe Concepts.

Plant and Sons_updated 2.jpg
Plant and Sons_updated 22.jpg

Detail Sketches

I decided to continue with a spurred boot and chose the initial sketch in the lower right hand of the page. Next, I began exploring detail and texture.


Final Design

The final design was created in Adobe Illustrator. It features a high boot shaft, textured quarter and collar pieces, a reinforced heel counter and toe cap, and metal hardware. 

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