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Air Pulsing Arouser

Three Months


Objective: Create a new sexual wellness appliance that fits into the existing plusOne Brand utilizing new industry technology.

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Despite the large market growth in the sex toy industry, there is a high barrier of entry for consumers due to a lack of affordable toys. There aren’t many toys in the “try it out” price range that are made of quality, body-safe materials.

How Might We...

develop a cost-effective, inoffensive, and improved product using air pulse stimulation technology that fits within the existing plusOne brand.

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What is it?

A clitoral stimulator, designed to use Air Pulse Technology to simulate oral sex.

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Design Process

Air Pulsing Arouser_Updated_ Process_200
Air Pulsing Arouser_Updated_ Process_200
Air Pulsing Arouser Process 3.jpg

"OverMolded" Silicone Model Making Process

While working on this project, I got to help revolutionize the process we were using for in-house model making. This helped us to make models that looked and felt more similar to the final product in one day. Before this process would have taken a week or more to be made by the engineering team in China and sent back to us in Massachusetts. 

This allowed us to create more models inexpensively and allowed the iteration process to go faster and have more exploration.


Air Pulsing Arouser_Ergonomics.jpg

Air Pulsing Arouser

The Air Pulsing Arouser is a sex toy designed with the female user in mind. The device is a single unit to allow for easier cleaning. It is waterproof for use in the bath. The single button allows for less confusion when changing settings while in use.

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Air Pulsing Arouser_FDF.jpg
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